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Re: Some questions about Fedora

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:42:49 -0400
seth vidal <skvidal@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 09:11 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > Q1. Packages
> > How many "pieces of software" do you have in your distribution?
> In our development distribution:
> - 8232 compiled packages (binaries)
> - 4638 source packages 
> >  Do you distinguish between "source packages" and "binary packages"? (if yes,
> > give numbers for both). 
> Source packages are what the binary packages are built from.
> > Are there subdivisions in the set of packages (by kind of support, by "freeness")? 
> No. 
> > Are all packages supported the same way, or are there different levels of 
> > support?
> All packages are treated the same.
> > Are some packages imported from another distribution, or are most of your 
> > packages done from scratch by your developers ?
> All packages are done from scratch by our developers.

That's not 100% true.  I would say the majority of packages are done
from scratch, but I know I've used the spec files included with upstream
projects as a starting point at least.  So in that regard it wasn't
"from scratch".

What we don't do is take a package from another distribution and import
it without any changes.  All packages have to go through review to meet
the Fedora review guidelines, and that typically means there are
changes needed if you're starting with a package from another

As for the rest of Seth's answers, I agree with them all :)


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