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Re: Some questions about Debian

>         Any particular reason this seems to be targeted only to svn/git,
>  and seems to be (based on the name) biased towards svn? It can very
>  easily be adapted to Arch, as well, and I am sure bzr and darcs should
>  be easily added. Given that, vcsbuildstat could be a better name.

No, we want to support all vcs, so we should change the name, thanks
for the suggestion. We also want to support just uploading a source
package, like Ubuntu PPA has - it will help all the people in
debian-mentors searching for a sponsor - he will just upload it to
snvbuildstat (or whatever we name it) and everyone will see if it
builds, and the lintian/linda/piuparts logs and also everyone could
easily install the package just by adding the repository to it's
sources list.

>         Try baz get http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/grab/fvwm
>  A simple shell script can then update all the bested projects when it
>  is time for the next build.

$ baz get http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/grab/fvwmSetting
arch cache to default path: /home/ondra/.arch-cache
get: could not connect to the archive for

Am I doing something wrong?

But I found some information here:


>         The arch backend to this is simple to write; if the rest (buildd
>  operational details) were handled.


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