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Re: [Expert] Some questions about Mandriva

--- El Vie 21 Sep 2007, Lucas Nussbaum encontró un teclado y tipeó lo 
> LN: On 21/09/07 at 09:26 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> LN: > <snip>
> LN: > > Other questions:
> LN: > > - Did I send that mail to the right mailing list?
> LN: >
> LN: > Probably not :-)  This is a user-to-user list, and few reading it
> would be LN: > able to answer any of your questions.  I'd try
> cooker@mandrivalinux.org for a LN: > better chance of contacting the right
> people.
> LN:
> LN: Thanks, will do.
> LN: >
> LN: > I do understand your thoughts - I've often felt that I should know
> more about LN: > other distros, but although I know a little about one
> other one, I simply LN: > don't have time to try them all.  Could I ask a
> favour?  If you do set up a LN: > blog, wiki, or whatever to deal with this
> subject, would you please post a LN: > link to it here?
> LN:
> LN: I'll try to remember to do that :-)

Hey, you idea is the best one that I'm aware from so long time. I'm sick of 
users of X distro flaming to Y distro users, many times with a  astronomical 
lack of knowledge from any other distribution as theirs.
I hope this idea grows and was not a marketing strategy from your distro oh 
choice ;)


Sergio Belkin
Teléfonos 15-5494-5143 //  4788-8605