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Re: [Expert] Some questions about Mandriva

I am not from Mandriva, I am just a user (4 years 6 machines). I understand that you want users opinions too...

Lucas Nussbaum escreveu:
Q1. Packages
How many "pieces of software" do you have in your distribution? Do you
distinguish between "source packages" and "binary packages"? (if yes,
give numbers for both). Are there subdivisions in the set of packages (by
kind of support, by "freeness")? Are all packages supported the same way,
or are there different levels of support? (If different levels, how many
packages are supported with each level?) Are some packages imported from
another distribution, or are most of your packages done from scratch by
your developers ?

Installing packages is really easy, there are three ways: Graphic interface very functional and command line, both with automatic dependacy resolvers. And you can use rpms...

I don't know the number of packages, but I can tell you some other things:

The instalation DVD comes with 3Gb and has practicaly everything for a desktop or mostly evything for a server, no internet connection neeeded.

There is an official repository from Mandriva that a lop more things. And then a Contrib repository with almost everything that I ever needed. All repositories sum 21Gb!!!

Nearly all packages are ready for thar particular version, work well and the choice of what is in there is impressively good!

Packages usually have a good compromise betwee not using the more stable or the newest versions.

I used allways the free version.

- Which question should I have asked? What should I ask next?

You should build the knowledge of what is different philosophicaly between distributions. Let give some examples: 1) Umbuntu is very easy but you need internet access to install many packages, 2) Slack is more optimised but the user will end up more involved with the OS than with other distros, 3) Knoppix is very nice for booting from CD but not as fine for installing and long term use, 4) Mandriva is very install and start using but all advanced things are there too

- Do you think that this initiative is interesting?

It wouls help a lot of people, if you can make it public enough

Alain M.