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Re: [Cooker] Some questions about Mandriva

Thierry Vignaud wrote:
> Each package has a default package but most packages can be altered by

Should read: packager (tho' this is probably quite obvious!)

I second Thierry's comments and have little to add, other than we do
offer an open FTP space for people to upload packages to if they have
created them. THey will typically send a mail to cooker@ announcing this
and an interested packager (either internal or external contributor like
myself) will pick it up and will add it to the distro if needs be.

Only Free (as in speech) software can be in the main distribution (in
the release, updates, testing and backports media) and if there are any
other important applications (e.g. nvidia/ati drivers, ipw daemons and
firmware etc.) then they go into non-free media. This way it is very
easy to know how Free the distro on the whole is and to give yourself a
fully Free install just by ignoring the relevant media.




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