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Re: [Cooker] Some questions about Mandriva

Adam Williamson a écrit :
> each of these sections is split into four *repositories*:
> release
> updates
> testing
> backports
I don't remember having ever seen this term with this meaning. And I
found it especially unhappy: in the world of versioning systems, the
repository is the global archive, not a subpart of it. I'd rather use
the term of packages repositories to distinguish between PLF, Mandriva,
SoS, etc...

sub-section, flavour, or anything else expressing the time-based
difference between those set of packages, would be more appropriate.

> a 'media' is, technically speaking, the representation of a repository
> on a particular system, but I try and avoid the term entirely of late as
> people generally don't understand it.
With the additional subdivision between source, binary and debug
packages, each shipped in a different media... A media is just an atomic
item in urpmi configuration.
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