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Re: [opensuse-project] Some questions about openSUSE

On 9/20/07, Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@skynet.be> wrote:
> [2] http://packman.links2linux.org
> All in all, 14000 binary packages is probably a pretty accurate estimation.

Just a note as well that comparing physical amount of packages between
distributions in a typical way might not be so meaningful because of
the different packaging methods. openSUSE packaging did (particularly
in the past) tend to be a lot more modular.

For example in KDE3 while we have kdebase3, in Ubuntu/Debian they have
kdebase, kate, kfind, kcontrol, khelpcenter, kwrite, kwin packages etc
etc ...for the same one package that we would have.

So frequently people get the impression that Debian-based
distributions have thousands of thousands more applications because of
what Synaptic and Adept tells them (in contrast to YaST), but it's not
so clear-cut.

A more interesting comparison might be the amount of bin/* files.
Source packages is interesting too.

As for learning about the community -- why not join us for a while and
see what it's like? :-) Getting involved in other communities is not
nearly as difficult as you would think (for example, anyone can get an
openSUSE build service account straight away), and it's the best way
to get a real idea of things, especially if you're willing to
investigate with the tools around etc. :-)

Kind thoughts,
Francis Giannaros   http://francis.giannaros.org