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Re: [opensuse-project] Some questions about openSUSE

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Francis Giannaros wrote:
> On 9/20/07, Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@skynet.be> wrote:
>> [2] http://packman.links2linux.org
>> All in all, 14000 binary packages is probably a pretty accurate estimation.
> Just a note as well that comparing physical amount of packages between
> distributions in a typical way might not be so meaningful because of
> the different packaging methods. openSUSE packaging did (particularly
> in the past) tend to be a lot more modular.

Less modular, actually ;)

> For example in KDE3 while we have kdebase3, in Ubuntu/Debian they have
> kdebase, kate, kfind, kcontrol, khelpcenter, kwrite, kwin packages etc
> etc ...for the same one package that we would have.

True. Debian has lot more fine grained packages than openSUSE (which is
probably rather a good thing (for Debian), although both have pros and

> So frequently people get the impression that Debian-based
> distributions have thousands of thousands more applications because of
> what Synaptic and Adept tells them (in contrast to YaST), but it's not
> so clear-cut.

True. But well, I doubt Lucas is collecting that information to do some
distro bashing ;)
It's worth noting though.

> A more interesting comparison might be the amount of bin/* files.

Not sure that would be a better indicator in any way.

> Source packages is interesting too.

Yes, source packages are much more informative than binary packages,
which is why the numbers I gave Lucas are mostly mentioning the former.

> As for learning about the community -- why not join us for a while and
> see what it's like? :-) Getting involved in other communities is not
> nearly as difficult as you would think (for example, anyone can get an
> openSUSE build service account straight away), and it's the best way
> to get a real idea of things, especially if you're willing to
> investigate with the tools around etc. :-)

I'm sure Lucas already has a lot of work on his hands ;)

But clearly, I'm 200% in favour of any cross-distro effort of any kind
(heck, I'm organizing the developer rooms at FOSDEM ;)).
Keep the trolls away, get the people who really do stuff together, and
something can be done, for sure.
Lucas' initiative could be a starting point for something, who knows.
Which is why I think the mailing-list he's proposing is even more
interesting wrt that.

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