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Re: [opensuse-project] Some questions about openSUSE

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jdd wrote:
> Pascal Bleser wrote:
>> There is currently no sponsoring system of any sort.
> may be there is something but not clear: AMD is now a sponsor of
> openSUSE, but how?

AFAIK, AMD sponsors the openSUSE Build Service through a large amount of
Lucas was referring to rewarding packagers for their contributions. At
least that was my understanding.

>>> - Which question should I have asked? What should I ask next?
> I don't know is this is relevant, but the main community (non-novell)
> participation is documentation.

I would say it's testing and bug reports.

> many package are given through packman or guru, but this is a (very
> interesting) work by a very little number of people (as said by Pascal).
> the maximum number of people acting for opensuse are "hotliners" and doc
> writers (wiki, translations, manuals, lessons for lizards...)
> I understand this is not what is understood as developer work, but IMHO
> this is as important as the other part, a good program without
> documentation being impaired :-).

Sure. But I really think that Lucas is concentrating his research around
the technical aspects of the distributions, which is mostly packaging,
communication with upstream, bug triage, ...

That obviously doesn't mean that documentation or any other sort of
contribution (support, forums, testing, advocating, ...) isn't equally

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