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Re: [opensuse-project] Some questions about openSUSE

On 20/09/07 at 22:01 +0200, Pascal Bleser wrote:
> jdd wrote:
> > Pascal Bleser wrote:
> >> There is currently no sponsoring system of any sort.
> > 
> > may be there is something but not clear: AMD is now a sponsor of
> > openSUSE, but how?
> AFAIK, AMD sponsors the openSUSE Build Service through a large amount of
> hardware.
> Lucas was referring to rewarding packagers for their contributions. At
> least that was my understanding.

Actually, there was clearly a problem with my question. I tried to ask
them in a distribution-agnostic way, but I failed with this one. :-)
My question should have been: How do you integrate new contributors, before
they reach the point where you are confident about giving them write
access to your repositories? (we use a "sponsorship process" for that in
Debian, where a non-Debian Developer creates the package, and then find
a DD willing to review it, and upload it under its own responsibility).

> > I understand this is not what is understood as developer work, but IMHO
> > this is as important as the other part, a good program without
> > documentation being impaired :-).
> Sure. But I really think that Lucas is concentrating his research around
> the technical aspects of the distributions, which is mostly packaging,
> communication with upstream, bug triage, ...
> That obviously doesn't mean that documentation or any other sort of
> contribution (support, forums, testing, advocating, ...) isn't equally
> important.

I'll try to ask questions about non-packaging work in the next set
of questions. This is a very interesting aspect (and one where Debian
isn't really good currently).

On 20/09/07 at 20:31 +0100, Francis Giannaros wrote:
> As for learning about the community -- why not join us for a while and
> see what it's like? :-) Getting involved in other communities is not
> nearly as difficult as you would think (for example, anyone can get an
> openSUSE build service account straight away), and it's the best way
> to get a real idea of things, especially if you're willing to
> investigate with the tools around etc. :-)

I must admit that I'm happy with my current involvement in Free Software
(means: with Debian, and a bit with Ubuntu). Also, to make that effort
worthwhile, I have to contact all the major distros: getting involved
in the community of all the major distros at the same time is not going
to be easy ;)

Thank you all very much for your very interesting answers :-)
| Lucas Nussbaum
| lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net   http://www.lucas-nussbaum.net/ |
| jabber: lucas@nussbaum.fr             GPG: 1024D/023B3F4F |
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