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Re: [opensuse-project] Some questions about openSUSE

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Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>> (we use a "sponsorship process" for that in Debian, where a non-Debian 
>> Developer creates the package, and then find a DD willing to review it, 
>> and upload it under its own responsibility).
> That's similar to what we also do at FreeBSD.

Sounds like a good approach, especially in the domain of packaging,
which is quite complex.
I'd rather call it "mentoring" than "sponsorship" though ;)

>> I'll try to ask questions about non-packaging work in the next set
>> of questions. This is a very interesting aspect (and one where Debian
>> isn't really good currently).
> One thing Debian is good it, if I understood that correctly, is hooking 
> the Debian bug tracking system into others (upstream) and also keeping
> the bug tracking system in the loop of e-mail discussions.  Comparing
> various approaches there is something I'd find interesting.  It is
> definitely something where openSUSE has lots of room for improvement.

Well frankly, the best option would be a cross-distro bug tracking and
especially patch management solution. The problem is that upstream has
different approaches: some have a bug tracker (bugzilla, jira, ...),
some have a somewhat limited bug tracker (sf.net, google code, ...),
some just list patches in a directory (e.g. xchat.org), some have
nothing at all.
While some patches are certainly distro-specific (e.g. use
distro-specific Category names in .desktop files, distro-specific init
scripts or paths, ...), I'd say most are still applicable for all.
It would be both easier for upstream and for packagers.

But yeah, to get back to openSUSE, that's indeed something that can be
greatly enhanced.

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