Efficient key signing

February 26th, 2007 by lucas

I just finished signing all the keys from the FOSDEM KSP.

Importing keys I received:
Mutt is nice. You can tag all messages with ‘t’, then use ‘;’ (tag-prefix) and ^K (Ctrl + K) to import all signatures. (Thanks Myon + sam for the tip)

Signing keys:
caff (featured on debaday last week) has some useful info in /usr/share/doc/signing-party/, especially the README.many-keys and README.gpg-agent files.

One Response to “Efficient key signing”

  1. Thijs Kinkhorst wrote on 02/26/07 at 10:28 pm :

    Hmm, howcome we were both at that KSP but I appearently did not meet you there (I don’t have a checkmark at your box)?