So, the fifth Debconf I’ve had the chance to attend is clearly over now. It was great, and all organizers (and sponsors) really deserve huge “thank you” for making this event so successful. I’m already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Debconf has been very productive for me. I chaired 4 sessions:

  • the usual Quality Assurance BOF, which was a bit depressing: even if work gets done, the QA “team” doesn’t really feel like a “team”. Maybe that’s because a QA “team” is not needed, and we should instead split it into smaller teams focusing on subsets of the QA work (archive-wide testing, QA services, etc.)?
  • a BOF on Ruby, where I demoed the work we have been doing around gem2deb, our new dh-based packaging helper [Ruby team website]
  • a tutorial on archive testing, hoping to get more people involved in tests such as archive rebuilds. If you are interested in helping with reporting bugs, please drop me an email [doc about archive tests on wiki.d.o]
  • a BOF on finding a ‘standard’ Git workflows for packaging teams. More work is needed on this, but it looks like a good start. [thread on -devel@, wiki page, BOF notes]

I’ve also made numerous uploads of Ruby-related packages, and reduced my backlog on UDD to a reasonable level. I even managed to make a developers-reference upload, integrating all the pending patches from the BTS.

In other news, I’m very excited about the recent progress on (a replacement), which could help streamline our sponsorship process.