Debian Squeeze, Ubuntu Lucid and Ruby 1.9.2: NO!

Apparently, there’s some hype in the Ubuntu community about Ruby 1.9.2, so let’s clarify: it would be totally irresponsible to try to ship Ruby 1.9.2 in Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu Lucid.

Ruby 1.9.2 has not been released yet:

That’s where we stand now. Even if surprises are possible, it’s very unlikely that Ruby 1.9.2 will be released before Lucid’s release (or, what the real requirement is, before Lucid’s freeze). So we are sticking with 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 (1.9.0 will go away before the release).

If you can point to specific commits that fix real bugs in 1.9.1, and could be backported to the Debian package, feel free to notify the Debian Ruby maintainers.

Slides from my FOSDEM talk on Debian and Ubuntu

I’ve just put the slides of my talk on Debian and Ubuntu online.

Don’t hesitate to post comments to ask for clarifications where needed (it might be difficult to understand some parts of the slides without being in the room).


  • In slide 15, I wrote that Ubuntu had a newer X. During the presentation, I think I said that I wasn’t sure if it was still the case. Indeed, it’s no longer the case (and hasn’t been for a long time ; Ubuntu has been mostly following Debian for X). I apparently remembered a change a long time ago that was picked by Ubuntu from the Debian X svn/git (xlibs-dev removal, I think), and that caused a number of FTBFS in Ubuntu. However, clearly, the best example of such changes made first in Ubuntu are newer GCC versions.

Going to FOSDEM

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Yes, I’m going to FOSDEM. And this year, I decided to innovate by starting the obligatory FOSDEM flu before leaving to FOSDEM.

I’m doing a talk on Sunday, on Debian and Ubuntu (Distributions room, H.1308, 13:45). It might not be on your schedule (but is on the printable schedule) since it was decided quite late.