Doctor Capello!

He might too shy to tell everybody, but the world must know. Luca Capello successfully defended his PhD thesis today at Université de Genève, getting a “Très Bien” mention.

I must admit that my last biology lesson was 13 years ago, so I’m not sure I can really comment on his work on Vomeronasal Receptors: from Monogenic Expression to Axon Guidance. But I was very impressed by the quality of the experimental process, especially compared to what we do in computer science.

Debian was well represented at the defense, since Axel Beckert, Didier Raboud and the Debian kilt were also there.

Welcome to the list of Debian Developers holding PhD degrees, Luca!

Luca waiting at the door (again).
Luca ready to start.

Debian’s KVM + Ubuntu karmic => bug?

I’ve been playing with virtualization, and KVM in particular. However, I’m running into an interesting problem. Below is how Ubuntu Netbook Remix look inside my KVM (either using virt-viewer, virt-manager or directly KVM to display the VM). Note how the top panel is fine. I’m using KVM 88 from experimental (but I had the same problem with KVM 85 from unstable), the cirrus video driver inside the VM, and an up-to-date karmic VM.
Has someone ran into that problem already? If yes, where is it tracked? I’m been failing to find the correct search keywords so far.