Debian’s KVM + Ubuntu karmic => bug?

I’ve been playing with virtualization, and KVM in particular. However, I’m running into an interesting problem. Below is how Ubuntu Netbook Remix look inside my KVM (either using virt-viewer, virt-manager or directly KVM to display the VM). Note how the top panel is fine. I’m using KVM 88 from experimental (but I had the same problem with KVM 85 from unstable), the cirrus video driver inside the VM, and an up-to-date karmic VM.
Has someone ran into that problem already? If yes, where is it tracked? I’m been failing to find the correct search keywords so far.


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  1. I’ve seen something that looked a bit similar when booting an Ubuntu install CD.
    However it was with qemu’s git HEAD and I think the problem never made it in a release.
    Just so you know, it was fixed by commit f22f5b077c164b864dae9776f63ed9e48a973fb6 in qemu.

    Do you still get the bug with standard qemu (no kvm)? Have you tried -vga std?

    Also I don’t really understand the versioning of the debian packages: kvm 88 seems older than qemu-kvm 0.11.0, although the maintainers say that the kvm package is a development snapshot while the qemu-kvm package is for stable releases. So maybe try the qemu-kvm package instead?

  2. I’ve tried qemu-kvm 0.11.0, same problem. 0.11.1 is not packaged in Debian.

    I haven’t tried qemu, because my image is using a virtio disk, I’ll try later today.

  3. Does Ubuntu Netbook Remix use a compositing windows manager? If yes, try to disable it. I experienced similar visual distortion when trying out mutter (resp. gnome-shell) on GNOME in a VirtualBox.

  4. The UNR launcher uses Clutter, which uses OpenGL. kvm would need to emulate a graphics card capable of 3d rendering.

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