Slides for my FOSDEM talks about Debian QA

February 26th, 2007 by lucas

As promised, the slides from my FOSDEM talks about Automated Testing of Debian Packages and Use of Grid Computing for Debian Quality Assurance are available.

Don’t hesite to ask questions or post comments. The videos for both talks should be available so you can laugh at my frenglish, but I haven’t heard of an ETA yet.

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  1. WebLog Olivier Berger » Back from FOSDEM 2007 : great conference, for sure wrote on 02/26/07 at 5:56 pm :

    [...] I’ve been very interested by the presentations made respectively by Lucas Nussbaum and Radu Pop, on Use of Grid Computing for Debian Quality Assurance, and Snapshot on the EDOS distribution system. Both presented their experiments on using Grid 5000 to, respectively, build Debian distribution’s packages, and then test their installation/deinstallation to enhance Debian’s quality on CPU intensive processes, that a Grid can help complete faster, and on testing a P2P infrastructure for distributing packages of a distribution. Maybe both projects could join forces to use the same grid for both tests. Anyway, this research room made it possible to let such projects and people to talk to each other : great [...]