Debian Package of the Day is now alive again, and needs your help!

December 21st, 2006 by lucas

For those who have missed the previous blog entries: Debian Package of the Day (aka Deb-a-day) is now alive again ! There has already been several entries (published 2 times a week, on wednesdays and sundays, until we make sure that we can sustain an higher rate):

Deb-a-day is not syndicated on Planet Debian (because of the “only personal blogs” rule), but it’s syndicated on Planet Ubuntu, and it might be syndicated on Debian Times (negociations are still ongoing :-). Don’t forget to subscribe to the feed !

We (the nice team of editors) have 2 entries ready in the queue, but that’s not enough. If you discovered an interesting package through Deb-a-day, and didn’t submit an entry yet, you should really feel guilty now ! (we are especially looking for cool graphical apps, so Deb-a-day becomes less nerdy, but apps for nerds are welcomed as well, of course.)

2 Responses to “Debian Package of the Day is now alive again, and needs your help!”

  1. Marcos Dione wrote on 12/21/06 at 11:03 pm :

    DPOD is not syndicated on Debian Planet, but it’s on Planet Debian.

  2. Marc 'Zugschlus' Haber wrote on 12/22/06 at 6:54 pm :

    The RSS Feed on seems to be broken. At least, akregator does not grok it.