19 new Debian Developers! \o/

April 18th, 2008 by lucas

I am very happy that 19 contributors who were waiting for their accounts, sometimes for a very long time, became Debian Developers today. This is great news for them, and for the project as a whole. Many thanks to all people involved for making this possible, including Joerg Jaspert, Steve McIntyre and James Troup. And congratulations to (using their account names) kibi, plessy, gregoa, goneri, tincho, akumar, filipe, miriam and the others I haven’t had the chance to work with yet.

It also seems that the various pending issues (updating keys that expired, etc.) have been resolved, which is great news for several of our current DDs.

But this doesn’t solve the DAM problem on a permanent basis. Something interesting about today’s events is that the account manager asked the system administrators to create the accounts, which is a nice way to offload part of the process. But the keyring maintainance is still a SPOF. A tool has been developed to allow multiple people to collaboratively edit the same keyring (and it’s used to maintain the Debian Maintainers keyring), but I’ve heard that some people weren’t satisfied with it, unfortunately. Let’s hope that this is solved soon, so the next ones to go through NM won’t have to wait that long!

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  2. Kevin Mark wrote on 04/18/08 at 9:23 pm :

    I dont know if your blog post was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, but it sure seems that your post did enough to cause this great string of events. So thanks to you and all involved \O/!

  3. Braincrapped wrote on 04/19/08 at 2:52 am :

    Great news indeed!

    I’m almost sure your post did some good.

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