Various stuff

New QA website

I modified‘s stylesheet/template, using the PTS‘s stylesheet as a basis. It looks a bit better. The content was also updated, so we should stop receiving totally outdated answers to the “What does the QA team do?” question in NM. Now, who is going to do the same thing with :-)

Closing bugs in removed packages

When packages are removed from unstable and testing, their bugs are not necessarly marked as closed, so they can’t be archived. A few days ago, there was about 3300 open bugs filed against removed packages. Thanks to the work of Barry deFreese, Marco Rodrigues and Raphael Geissert, we are now down to ~2500 bugs. If you want to help, just drop in #debian-qa and ask about our scripts/process. (There are some tricky details)

DEP #1: NMUs

With Bas Wijnen, we finally announced the DEP about NMUs we have been working on. Please join the (currently very quiet) discussion!

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