Dear IRC user

Please consider switching to screen+irssi, or bip+xchat, or irssi_proxy+irssi or xchat, etc. (This post and its comments has more details).

It is very annoying when you ask me something while I’m away, then disconnect, and then when I finally answer you, you are not connected anymore. If I’m away and you are going to disconnect, please send your question by mail or jabber.

10 thoughts on “Dear IRC user

  1. Hi,

    I appreciate my Konversation for IRC, but I am an annoying laptop IRC user (so frequent disconnects). Does anyone know a “IRC proxy” which I could install on my home server and use with Konversation ?

    Regards, OdyX

  2. i have stopped usig IRC all together for communications with people who are not immediately responsive. if i ask a question and someone does not answer it, then i find that asynchronous method called email.i will not use a long-term log in client- andi will not keep logs of everyone else’s conversations, because, well its just not that important to me.

    so no, i will not take your suggestion. i am a user and that is how users use.

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