Skipping fsck checks during boot with CTRL-C

July 31st, 2010 by lucas

According to Murphy’s law, the fsck check that happens once every n boots always happens at the worst time. By default, using CTRL-C to abort it causes fsck to exit with an error, and the filesystem to be remounted read-only. It’s easy to change that in /etc/e2fsck.conf:

allow_cancellation = true

8 Responses to “Skipping fsck checks during boot with CTRL-C”

  1. Doubter wrote on 07/31/10 at 7:01 pm :

    But in Lenny (EXT3fs, of course) there is not such file by default, is it?

  2. Lucas wrote on 07/31/10 at 8:25 pm :

    yes, you need to create it

  3. Alex wrote on 07/31/10 at 8:55 pm :

    That’s exactly the reason why I’ve converted the last system to ext4 today – fs checks are waaay faster.

    However, have you thought about filing a wishlist bug against e2fsprogs requesting this setting to be the default? I think this could save some embarrassing delays (conference, presentation, etc.) and should hurt nobody.

  4. Who Ever wrote on 08/2/10 at 9:50 am :

    So what happens if you do cancel? Does it happen again next boot? The manual page doesn’t say anything about it.

  5. Lucas wrote on 08/2/10 at 1:43 pm :

    Yes it’s just postponed to the next boot.

  6. Jon wrote on 08/3/10 at 3:13 pm :

    This has been a bug-bear for such a long time, I’ve often thought of investigating and trying to improve the behaviour but never managed. I think your suggestion above should probably be the default for installed systems.

  7. RainCT wrote on 08/3/10 at 10:40 pm :

    Thank you for this tip!

    This should really be allowed by by default (like in Ubuntu)…

  8. Minoru wrote on 08/6/10 at 11:38 pm :

    Hey, that’s amazing! I got tired by that issue so much that I even disabled filesystem check on my netbook… I think that’s time to re-enable it :)

    I’m intended to translate that tip to Russian and post in my blog (providing link to yours, of course). I hope you won’t mind.