Help needed: analyzing and filing installation/removal/upgrade bugs

I’ve been working on a piuparts-like tool call instest (yeah, crappy name) to test installation, removal and upgrade of packages. Compared to piuparts, it’s simpler and tries to make it easier to file bugs. However, running it on sid still raises ~3000 failures. So I’m seeking help to analyze those failures and file bugs.

The tasks are:

  • get a grasp on what instest does, the script used to analyze the results, and the current results (yes, I know there are some obvious false positives).
  • find possible improvements (isolate false positives or common error cases) and improve the scripts (no need to learn Ruby, I can help with that part)
  • file bugs (there are scripts – based on my archive rebuild ones – to do that efficiently)

If you want to help, just contact me at Debconf!