Jabber for the masses

Big news in France : the radio Skyrock released SkyMessenger (nicknamed SM), a Jabber-based instant messaging service. Some facts :

  • Skyrock is famous in France for Skyblog, its very successful blog service, with more than 3.4 millions active blogs. If only a few Skyblog users start using SkyMessenger, it still means a lot of new Jabber users.
  • The service seems to be pure-Jabber. Not a modified, incompatible version as in Livecom. People managed to connect using Gajim.
  • The client is heavily based on Gajim and released under the GPL.
  • The service is only a Beta for now, with a limited number of downloads.
  • The address used by the server is skymess.com. Only port 5222 is open, with SASL enabled.
  • It seems that the business plan is to provide information through the IM service, about updated skyblogs for examples.
  • Server-to-server (s2s) communications are currently disabled. Some well-informed geeks seem to think that they plan to open it. It is confirmed by the add contact dialog, with proposes to add contact of type icq, msn, wanadoo, etc …

7 thoughts on “Jabber for the masses

  1. stpeter: I have only second hand information about this part. I haven’t tried the client myself. But parts of it are in python, so it might just be a mix of gajim’s base classes and XUL.

  2. Hi Lucas, we (Gajim) are using xmpppy, not PyXMPP (eventhough I talk more often to PyXMPP dev than xmpppy dev..)

    Where do you base that they dep on us? (note I’m not french so I couldn’t even manage to get the source code of SM :)


  3. Skyrap, premier sur le rock

    Si vous habitez en France ou aux alentours, vous connaissez bien entendu la radio Skyrock. Cette radio a trouvé le filon il y a quelques années en modifiant sa programmation musicale pour s’autoproclamer « Premier sur le rap »…

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