Ruby-feedparser hacking

It’s amazing how efficient you can be when you are forced to work offline. So, thanks to Tele2, I’ve been offline at home for 16 days now, which caused major improvements to Ruby-feedparser.

  • It now outputs the list of enclosures in the text and html outputs. This means that feed2imap will automatically support podcasting if you upgrade to the newer ruby-feedparser.
  • It now rewrites relative URLs. Some blogs use links such as , which is wrong, because you don’t know where to find that /images dir, of course. It should probably be the blog engine’s responsability to rewrite such URLs, but some of them don’t. Ruby-feedparser now tries hard to guess which is the correct location for the file.

This second change is very cool : when running the next update using feed2imap, I fetched a lot of posts with embedded images that I couldn’t read before. :-)