creating a “Distributions Developers Forum”: follow-up

After that blog post, I decided to write a mail asking a first set of questions. I sent it to developers’ mailing lists of Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, openSUSE, and of course Debian and Ubuntu. I got really interesting answers from everyone, except …. Debian and Ubuntu.

  • I want to wait some more before publishing the answers. If you are a Debian or an Ubuntu developer, and were interested in that initiative, please answer ASAP my mails sent to debian-devel@ and ubuntu-devel-discuss@ (respectively). Not having answers from Debian and Ubuntu people would really be a shame, since everyone else I contacted was really helpful and interested.
  • I plan to use a mailing list archiving software to publish the mails. Can you recommend a good mbox->html converter, that would work well in a “run once” use case, and that doesn’t take ages to set up?
  • Can you think of another distro I should have contacted? At first, I don’t want to include simple derivatives of the “big distros”. I also chose to limit myself to the Linux distros, so I didn’t contact the BSD or Nexenta folks. Both of this could change: my current plan for the future is to try to setup a mailing list+wiki, so everybody could join.

7 thoughts on “creating a “Distributions Developers Forum”: follow-up

  1. There was such idea about 2 years ago but it died. Only google show few pointers to
    Anyway you should try contacting, pld-devel-en mailinglist.

  2. Doesn’t Pat still do all of slackware by himself? It’s been a few years since I used it, but it used to be that the changelog was all there was by way of insight into the development process.

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