ZFS as LVM killer … really?

From the ZFS FAQ:

Can devices be removed from a ZFS pool?

You can remove a device from a mirrored ZFS configuration by using the zpool detach command. Removal of a top-level vdev, such as an entire RAID-Z group or a disk in an unmirrored configuration, is not currently supported. This feature is planned for a future release.

buzz, buzz, buzz…

6 thoughts on “ZFS as LVM killer … really?

  1. Uhm. You know, it is a classical taken out of context type of fud. Really, ZFS is much more and can do much more aaand with one tool. Simply. Also, it overcomes a RAID-5 write hole thing. Everything from one command line tool. Sorry to say, I expect more from people I respect.

  2. It’s not FUD – it’s a feature that I often wish was available in ZFS, and it has “been planned for a future release” for a year or more.

  3. James: It is a FUD. Especially given the title for this post. And don’t forget that ZFS has many options I’d like to have in LVM for a very long time. Aaand, if want to enumerate, please, make SystemTap work at last. And stable, please, please, please with sugar on top.

  4. meh. not a killer requirement for me.

    To clarify, you can detach mirrors etc, you just don’t have a ‘pvmove’ equivalent. It’s easy to just snapshot the fses and move them into another pool if you need to tweak the underlying geometry severely. Would probably be faster than pvmove, too :)

  5. Well, the criticism is true, however the style of the post if FUDish :) Anyway, I like ZFS very much, but of course it’s very young especially while it’s released to the public. Considering this fact (and the note that it’s on todo list) as well may change to comparsion a bit, though. LVM is a piece of software which is “only” a volume manager and it’s rather old (compared to ZFS), while ZFS is a combined filesystem/volume manager solution (break the classic block layer / fs separation in unix) and it’s quite young: but even now it can show its strength, for example the simple syntax of CLI which amazed me at the fist time.

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