PTS as a great tool for upstream developers

I recently realized how nice the Packages Tracking System is for upstream developers who want to follow the status of their software in Debian. By subscribing, they can easily monitor (and reply to) bug reports, and the general status of their software in Debian. I’m trying to help with coreutils maintainance, and it’s great to see upstream developers answer directly to bug reporters on Debian.

So, maintainers, tell your upstreams about the PTS! ;)

It might be a good idea to actually mention that use case on obvious places (not sure what the obvious places are, though).

2 thoughts on “PTS as a great tool for upstream developers

  1. hi lucas,
    Although I’m a ubuntu user, I do see lots of times what things are happening on debian. I hope to have one of the systems running debian soon. The thing is, it would be nice if one could have some sort of new release notices from debian pts or some other way so I could put up a sync request in ubuntu. Would make the whole issue much more quicker. Is this possible? I know u can do something similar in for software releases but no idea here.

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