Code for Debian versions comparison?

Do you know code that compare versions of debian packages (for example, that knows if 2:23.2.3~rc1-1 is lower than 2:23.2.3-2?), besides dpkg –compare-versions? If yes, please write a comment to this blog post, preferably with a link to the code.

Also, did someone already write a test suite for that? Who would be interested in such a test suite?

I’m considering writing a function in PL/SQL to compare debian versions (for the Ultimate Debian Database project). If someone already wrote that, I’m interested as well.

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  1. Dpkg has the code both in C (in lib/vercmp.c, function verrevcmp) and Perl (in scripts/Dpkg/ The Perl one is actually just a translation to Perl of the C version, so the algorithm should be identical.

    Apt has probably its own version.

  2. The python-debian library has an access point to code comparison for Python, which is actually implemented by python-apt, a binding to libapt.

    In the Sodiac project (, which contains the various tool of the EDOS toolchain, there is an OCaml implementation of Debian version comparison.

  3. libapt-pkg implements version comparison as well. You get it by:


    Then debVS.CmpVersion(“2:23.2.3~rc1-1”, “2:23.2.3-2”) works like strcmp.

    The code is in apt sources, in apt-pkg/deb/

    libapt-pkg has also a test case: in the apt sources, it’s in test/ and it uses the data in test/versions.lst

  4. what you include is apt-pkg/debversion.h

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  5. dak (debian archive kit) has an plugin for postgresql doing that (which just links the relevant code from IIRC apt in).

  6. in python-apt:
    import apt_pkg
    apt_pkg.VersionCompare(“1.2”, “1.2~3”)

    (use sign of result to check whether version are higher/lower etc.)

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