Anomos: anonymous BitTorrent

The following information is based on Anomos’ website. Funnily, when you go to that website, the default page is a blog that doesn’t answer the “What’s anomos?” question. The answer to that question is available on the About page, on this blog post, and those slides.

So, Anomos seems like a good answer to the “it’s to easy to determine who is donwloading a file with BitTorrent” problem. It:

  • uses a mix network (like Tor) to transfer all the content.
  • encrypts the file being transferred.

    It is based on BitTorrent for performance, however, performance might be seriously affected by the mix network (which probably don’t resist too well to heavy load since most internet connections have asymmetric upload/download bandwidths).

    A strange point is that it uses a central tracker. I’m not sure why the central tracker couldn’t be dropped, to simply use a DHT instead. (And traffic to the DHT could go through the mix network as well).

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