Debconf TODO List (help needed and welcomed!)

So, here are the things I plan to work on during Debconf. If you are interested in one of those topics, don’t hesitate to talk to me and help (even if you are not at Debconf). I’ve always dreamed of people squashing items on my TODO list.

Ultimate Debian Database:

  • make all the example scripts nicer: requires HTML skills, mostly, and it’s also a good way to get started with UDD, so I would very much like someone else to do that.
  • split email into name and email in the bugs table (based on work by Olivier Berger)
  • Importer for DEHS (Need to talk with Raphael), MIA status, wanna-build (maybe), britney output (maybe).
  • Rewrite bapase using UDD.

Ruby packaging:

  • Work on the packaging of Ruby 1.9.1 together with the interpreter crew.
  • Continue the work on ruby-support and on the new ruby policy, so it becomes usable.

Other stuff:

  • Release a new version of feed2imap and ruby-feedparser
  • Work on developers-reference a bit. Upload a new version.
  • Work on websec a bit. Upload a new version.
  • Work on xmpp4r. Try to integrate some of the ideas of xmpp4r-simple so people stop using a wrapper that uses busy waiting.
  • Work on suuntux a bit. But that looks compromised since I forgot my Suunto serial cable.


  • UDD importer for DEHS done, after a SQL hacking session with raphael

One thought on “Debconf TODO List (help needed and welcomed!)

  1. Since I see work on ruby-support and a Ruby policy (the first I’m hearing of this), I want to make a request. Please put a hook of some sort into RubyGems so that apt-gotten packages providing ruby libraries can identify themselves to RubyGems so that RubyGems knows when its dependencies are satisifed by apt-gotten packages so that it doesn’t have to go fetch them itself.

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