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After a few hours of hacking, I came up with Debian Bugs Search. This Ultimate Debian Database tool enables to query different kinds of Debian bugs (especially RC bugs using a multi-criteria search. It is aimed at being a replacement for the unofficial RC Bugs tracker, which has some bugs and fails to display the correct status for some bugs (Debian Bugs Search sees 450 RC bugs affecting squeeze, vs 278 for the unofficial RC bugs tracker).

While Debian Bugs Search still lacks some features that the unofficial RC bugs tracker has, it also brings some new features. The main advantage is that it makes it easy to find some classes of “interesting” bugs, for example:

RC bugs affecting squeeze and sid, tagged patch, sorted by time of last change. Why weren’t they fixed using the patch?

RC bugs affecting squeeze and sid, tagged pending, sorted by time of last change. Why weren’t they fixed by an upload if they were tagged pending a long time ago?

Bugs affecting squeeze but not sid, and marked as done. Why didn’t the fixed packages migrate to testing?

I’m open to suggestions of improvements, bug reports, or better, patches. Since it is UDD-based, it is quite easy to add more information. My own TODO list is:
– add popcon information (also enable sorting by popcon)
– add a way to display/hide additional columns (popcon, package’s versions)

6 thoughts on “Debian Bugs Search using UDD

  1. What about adding testing migration info like frozen/unblocked and the reasons a package is not yet migrated?

  2. For me the bts.turmzimmer page does display 430 RCs, which is quite similar to the amount you mention for your page – is it possible that you applied some filters on the unofficial RC Bugs tracker that you forgot about when picking up that number?

    One thing that bothered me about bts.turmzimmer though is that even though ti has a stable switch that doesn’t seem to work – which made me create my stable RC overview page (using UDD too). Do you think you might be convinced to add listing of those, too?


  3. Amazing that Testing (~400 RC) is more stable than Stable (~900 RC). Are these things let to bit-rot? Not enough interest?

    Anyways, I support what Gerfried says -> it would be nice to add Stable button.

  4. @someone: testing migration info is a bit hard, as that info is not in UDD yet. We first need a way to import information from britney.

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