5 thoughts on “Debian becoming upstream for ubuntu-dev-tools?

  1. The Ubuntu developers are still the maintainers of this package. ubuntu-dev-tools is hosted on Launchpad and every Ubuntu developer has access to it. The difference is that ubuntu-dev-tools will be uploaded to Debian by Ubuntu developer who are DD too.

  2. Then it should be uploaded simultaneously to both archives.

    It’s a total disappointment if Ubuntu users/developers are dependent upon this package (ubuntu-dev-tools) being a) uploaded to Debian, b) accepted, c) published, d) sync’d to get it into Ubuntu.

  3. It is uploaded simultaneously (uploaded to Debian and then uploaded to Ubuntu using syncpackage).

  4. The package is useful for Debian too so it’s uploaded to Debian. I guess you are aware of the direction in which automatic sync does work. And I also guess you are aware of that Debian is currently in freeze for squeeze.

    This leaves mostly only the option to upload the package to experimental at this time, and given that the automatic sync only happens from unstable, not from experimental, the explicit requestsync is needed here. This is the way the workflow works. There is nothing out of the ordinary or confusing here.

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