Introducing the Debian Maintainer Dashboard — help needed!

The brand new machine for Ultimate Debian Database motivated me to do UDD-related work again, so I implemented an old idea: build a maintainer/team-centric dashboard relying on UDD, the Debian Maintainer Dashboard.

The idea is to expose as much useful information as possible about a maintainer’s packages, both in the traditional (Developers Packages Overview-like) “big table with all the info”, but also in a task-oriented listing (to answer the “ok, I have two hours for Debian, what should I do now?” question).

At this point, the Debian Maintainer Dashboard already brings several cool features (try it with my packages or pkg-ruby’s packages, or your own!):

  • Reports buildd issues (failed builds)
  • Upstream status monitor that works (UDD has its own)
  • Knows about teams’ VCS (if your team uses PET) and display the current version in the VCS
  • Lists packages you maintain or co-maintain, and also the package you showed interest for by subscribing to them on the PTS

Of course, as of now, it’s pretty ugly: that’s the “help needed” part of the post. I really suck at web design, and would really appreciate if someone would help me to turn it into something nice to use. Besides adding links and colors everywhere, it could probably be nice to add sortable tables, and to create tabs for “TODO items”, “Versions” and “Bugs” (and possibly Lintian, for example). Contact me if you are interested.

15 thoughts on “Introducing the Debian Maintainer Dashboard — help needed!

  1. Thanks!

    Looks like there are some bugs :-). Try for instance:

    /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbd/pg/statement.rb:62:in `execute’: ERROR: syntax error at or near “)” (DBI::ProgrammingError) LINE 1: select id, tag from bugs_tags where id in () ^ from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbi/handles/statement.rb:116:in `execute’ from /srv/ `dbget’ from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbi/utils.rb:15:in `measure’ from /srv/ `dbget’ from /srv/ `get_sources_bugs’ from /srv/ `get_sources_status’ from /srv/

  2. Looking forward to see where this goes.

    It seems to display packages that I’m subscribed to in the PTS as well as my own. It would be nice if you could toggle that or if they were in a separate list.

  3. @Fernando: That doesn’t just happen with fake email addresses; I hit it with my real address.

  4. @Fernando, @Anonymous: do you maintain Debian packages with that address? If the address cannot be linked to any package (maintainer, uploader, pts subscription), it crashes like that (known issue).

    @andrew: yes, that’s planned.

  5. I thought that did not list people who have subscribed to a package because of privacy issues? Is that information now public? If yes, I’d definitely want to see it in

  6. I was enthused, and then disappointed (see below).

    What about two lines of explanation of the interface?
    Would that be so taxing?

    I tried to look up: and got a list of packages related to

    I tried and got an error message:

    /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbd/pg/statement.rb:62:in `execute’: ERROR: syntax error at or near “)” (DBI::ProgrammingError) LINE 1: …ion, release, component from sources_uniq where source in () ^ from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbi/handles/statement.rb:116:in `execute’ from /srv/ `dbget’ from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/dbi/utils.rb:15:in `measure’ from /srv/ `dbget’ from /srv/ `get_sources_versions’ from /srv/ `get_sources_status’ from /srv/

    and then the query interface below that, with helpfully (bah!) filled in.

  7. @Vince: it does not “remember” the last email that was entered, and provides a default that works for a demo.
    that’s part of the “proof of concept” status of this.

    Also, it does exit gracefully when the email has no associated packages.

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