Debian Package of the Day revival (quite)

TL;DR: static version of, as it was when it was shut down in 2009, available!

A long time ago, between 2006 and 2009, there was a blog called Debian Package of the Day. About once per week, it featured an article about one of the gems available in the Debian archive: one of those many great packages that you had never heard about.

At some point in November 2009, after 181 articles, the blog was hacked and never brought up again. Last week I retrieved the old database, generated a static version, and put it online with the help of DSA. It is now available again at Some of the articles are clearly outdated, but many of them are about packages that are still available in Debian, and still very relevant today.

4 thoughts on “Debian Package of the Day revival (quite)

  1. If there might be interest and also if it had a reduced workload by making it, say, package of the week (a review a day would burn anyone out rather quickly I fear)I’d be interested in reviving the idea…what do you think and would it have to be a one man review team or might it be possible to gather a team of reviewers? I’ve had some experience writing reviews and, for that matter, of working with other reviwers so I’m hopeful that if there is interest it could be made into a valuable addition to the ecosystem.

  2. There was a team of reviewers/editors, and many contributors for individual articles. So the workload (for editors) was not so high, but it’s clearly the kind of task that requires the ability to commit at least some time to Debian on a very regular basis.

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