Cool stats about Debian bugs

Now that bug #500000 has been reported, let’s have a look at all our other bugs, using UDD. Number of archived bugs: select count(*) from archived_bugs; count ——– 402826 Number of unarchived bugs marked done: select count(*) from bugs where status = ‘done’; count ——- 8267 Status of unarchived bugs (“pending” doesn’t mean “tagged pending” […]

Jabber clients and OS usage stats (4)

After 2005, 2006 and 2007, I did it again. Here are my yearly stats about Jabber clients! 1244 users were online on the Apinc Jabber server when I ran the poll, and 1163 clients answered. Telepathy doesn’t seem to answer to jabber:iq:version, and it seems that a bug prevents Gajim from answering in some obscure […]

Jabber clients and OS usage stats (3)

Using XMPP4R, I did some stats about Jabber clients usage on the Apinc Jabber server, which hosts,, and many more using virtual hosting. I already did similar stats in March 2006 and September 2005. The poll was done by sending jabber:iq:version to online users, around 1:00 PM (french local time, most of the […]

back from FOSDEM

I was at FOSDEM last week-end. As usual there, I spent an excellent week-end. It was really nice to see all those friends again (and even meet some friends for the first time, hi gaston/carxwol/atmaniak!) Only problem is, FOSDEM is definitely too short ;-) To make this post a bit more interesting, I did some […]