7 thoughts on “Ubuntu and Debian

  1. There’s quite a lot of difference between being mentioned in documentation and being mentioned on the front page ;)

  2. “bases its development on” aka steals. but its not illegal and apparently some people have working, so-called, “ubuntu” systems so somebody benefits from the madness.

  3. @pete: Like Debian steals from Linux, Gnome, GNU, KDE etc? Honestly, if you don’t understand FOSS then you should just use Windows and not post your stupid thoughts on Linux blogs. Debian can be an upstream like any other, get used to it.

  4. “Ubuntu provides users with a way to deploy Debian with security updates.”

    What the FUD?!?

  5. Ubuntu has occasionally before put an obscure reference to Debian on the
    front page and let it linger for a few months. I have no expectation that this
    new sop to the fanboys (“But everything’s fine now! Ubuntu is giving Debian
    full credit!”) will change anything.

    Just remember, Shuttleworth is in this for the fame and the profit — and he has enough money that even without the profit, he gets the fame. “Self appointed benevolent
    dictator for life”? Could there be any clearer indication that the effort is purely a
    vanity distribution for a megalomaniac?

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