XMPP Video calls with Nokia N900

So, this morning, I did my first video call over XMPP between two N900.

However, so far, I failed to do an XMPP video call from an N900 to something else. When I try to call pidgin on my laptop, pidgin simply crashes, but of course that’s not a serious bug if people can DOS your pidgin instance since, according to the Debian bug:

Assuming your XMPP settings require that users must authenticate with you before being able to send you messages, only your authenticated users would be able to freeze your client, assuming they knew you were actually affected by this bug.

The upstream pidgin bug hasn’t seen a lot of activity lately. :-(

4 thoughts on “XMPP Video calls with Nokia N900

  1. I have successfully made Video calls over xmpp between my Nokia N810 and my computer using Empathy… (your mileage may vary depending on gstreamer version and empathy version though)

  2. I just did the same thing, but with Empathy in debian sid. First I had
    lots of problems due to the fact that Empathy requered all kind of
    stuff that I don’t usually use, like Gnome and NetworkManager. But got
    it working eventually. Before I started I verified that in clean Gnome
    install (other machine running Debian testing) it worked straight out
    of box.

    I also tried briefly Pidgin when I tried to debug some of the problems
    with Empathy and noticed that at that time Pidgin crashed because it
    could not find or initialize mic (some error about jack server).

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