EtherPad: web-based collaborative editor

I recently (during a UDS lightning talk) discovered EtherPad. It’s a collaborative editor (like gobby), but uses a browser instead of a standalone application. It’s free software (Google open sourced it after buying the company that was developing it), and there’s a free online instance at Setting up a new pad is as simple as going to and clicking Create Pad. It’s written in Java, and not packaged in Debian (yet).

5 thoughts on “EtherPad: web-based collaborative editor

  1. Lucas,

    etherpad sourcecode needs a lot of work to be really in a state of declaring it “stable” and ready for packaging.

    Nevertheless, it is a good alternative to gobby



  2. I would also recomend

    Hosted and administered by the Swedish pirateparty (Piratpartiet).

  3. I’d personally avoid ietherpad for the simple reason that they have a demented bot on twitter that retweets anyone who mentions the word ‘etherpad’ with spam saying their etherpad instance is better.

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