DebConf was fantastic (not just the view)

So, I’m back from DebConf, which probably translated to the 10 busiest days of my life, but also to one of the best times of my life. The Le Camp venue clearly contributed to this success: having everybody at the same place, but at the same time many opportunities for quiet chat or just enjoying the view, was really a good idea. Everybody who made DebConf possible deserve a huge “thank you”, as well as all attendees: it is really a honor to be a part of such a fantastic community.

Now, let’s go back to daily life, and to my re-filled Debian TODO list!

2 thoughts on “DebConf was fantastic (not just the view)

  1. I follow debian news here and there but I got busy in the last year. I just noticed you are the new DPL. Congrats!

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