Software for brainstorm / ideas sharing and voting?

Some time ago, Ubuntu had Ubuntu Brainstorm, a website where non-developers could submit ideas of improvements, and other people could comment and vote on them. I was wondering if there was existing software to deploy a similar service, e.g. as a plugin to popular forum software. I’ve found, but relying on the Cloud for that is not acceptable for my planned use.

(For clarification: my immediate interest for that is unrelated to Debian work)

5 thoughts on “Software for brainstorm / ideas sharing and voting?

  1. Yeap. Sorry should have been a bit clearer :)

    Word of warning with open ideal – it doesn’t play nice with windows with respects to SASS but I doubt that’s a big concerns of your :)

    The other option is the BBYIDX : (The only one of the three I haven’t used); it didn’t play nicely with windows back when I was looking at it.


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